Hardwood Floors Gluing System

In this blog post I would like to talk about the different ways of installing floors and the advantages and disadvantages. Over the years I have fitted many different ways, the first was secret nailing system, which involved nailing each plank as you went which was great for clamping slightly warped boards, but this in turn would create a lot of pressure on the floors and if you didn’t leave the right amount of expansion you could end up in a lot of trouble it was also very demanding physically.

Then came the floated floors from laminates to engineered and even the junkers on the clip system which are good, easy to fit, but these style of floors can create a lot of noise when you walk on them and if you ever have any leaks at later stages you will never detect it until it’s too late and by this stage your floors have taken on to much water and most of the time will have to be replaced.

The fitting system I prefer to do now and have done for well over the last 20 years is the gluing system. When I was asked to fit this way for the first time, I was very sceptical on whether this would work as it went against all the rules for fitting hardwood floors at the time. I decided to try it as the glue company that I was working with were very eager for me to do it and had guaranteed me it would work. Since that day I have never looked back and the adhesive companies now that I work with have some amazing product for dpms, primers and adhesives.

The advantages to this system way out do any other style of fitting. As it might be more expensive it is a far better job. One you are bounding to your sub-floor you won’t have any foot noise when walking across your floors, which is fantastic for sound proofing, if you have any leaks you will see the problem straight away, which in turn you won’t take on much water damage and floors will not have to be replaced all you will need is some sanding and polishing and you have a new floor back.

This is why I stick with the gluing system for all my floors