Solid Oak Plank Flooring

On this particular project we had the pleasure of working on this amazing building. There was a lot of work to be done and a lot of damage to the existing floors from front to back on this church. What happened was something that repeated over many times over the years. The existing roof had been leaking from time to time over many years and had never been addressed correctly. Also to make matters worse the original raised floor joists did not have the correct ventilation underneath the floors which in turn made all the joists and floors start to root away and had got to the point that it was starting to become unsafe for people to walk across the floors.

We were then asked by a very good architectural company who we have worked with many times in the past, to come in and replace all the floors with new solid oak plank flooring. So once all the joist floors were removed there was an OSB plywood fixed which we then decided to glue it directly for soundproofing as it was a solid 22mm European oak plank. We also fitted specialised trap doors all around the side of the wall areas of this church, so that the electrician could always have access to run cabling at any stage, again another good choice by the architects.

Once we had all of the main plank flooring fitted, we then had the task of fitting a double border with a solid Black American Walnut inlay, this looked amazing once fitted and really gave the floors great definition all over.