Chevron Parquet Flooring

This type of parquet flooring is the chevron beveled design, which is machined perfectly by our manufactures and comes as a 22mm solid block. This is a high end parquet flooring design but when it is fitted and polished you can see the quality come through and looks stunning in any setting in your home. The 45 degree cut on each block gives off an amazing look when it is all put together .

On this project the client had a particular colour they required and we were able to match it with some photos they had of previous floors in their last home. Like all our parquet flooring most of our blocks are un-finished which means we can provide any colour or finish you desire. This in turn makes it very easy to install and complete most of your building works before the floors are sanded and polished.

As this property had underfloor heating, this parquet flooring was ideal as all our parquet flooring is suitable for underfloor heating systems once it is fitted correctly. The U rating on all timber is zero and in return it holds the heat for much longer than tile or carpet.