Herringbone Parquet Flooring

On this project in Malahide, Co. Dublin, it was essential to choose the right approach to supplying and fitting this style of herringbone parquet flooring. This apartment belonged to a good friend of a previous client who loves parquet flooring and herringbone design. I met with the client at the early stages of purchasing the apartment to discuss the different styles of herringbone flooring that might be suitable. We discussed the different styles and layouts and selected the most practical and the most durable type of parquet flooring. The beauty of this type of personal service is that we are on site with our clients with the range of herringbone flooring samples and we can carry out a full site survey and really get a good grasp of what works need to be carried out to deliver the perfect type of herringbone flooring.

During the site survey on this job, we noticed that the sub-floors were not level. This meant the job was going to be a little more challenging than first anticipated. We showed the client the full extent of the problem and to fit herringbone floor the sub-floors do need to be level. I explained MM Parquet could provide this service if they wanted or they could go with someone else but either way the floors needed to be levelled. On this occasion the client went with MM Parquet, as it was easier to have one company complete the job. We offer a full fit out service and are more than happy to level subfloors etc.

The concrete floors were so bad that we needed to bring in concrete grinders and smooth out the humps and bumps that were there from when the concrete was originally poured, this process can take a lot of time, but if it is done correctly, it works a treat and really allows you to get a good bonding for any herringbone flooring or parquet flooring with a gluing system. One of the most important items also when it comes to fitting herringbone flooring, is to use the correct primers when you are doing a gluing system. Using the correct product in anything you do when it comes to parquet flooring is vital, but using the right primers when gluing is the most important, it is like the foundations of a house, if you get this wrong the whole house is compromised, so bonding parquet flooring is no different.

Now that we had got all the issues finished with the subfloors, we finally got to do what we do best and that was fitting this stunning herringbone flooring. There are many different layouts you can do when you have parquet flooring, and the dimensions of the blocks can determine the type of pattern you can have with your herringbone flooring. As this was a larger herringbone block (500x70x22mm) we were able to offer the client a double herringbone flooring design. The reason for this was the client wanted to make the blocks look a bit bigger than traditional herringbone flooring design. This was at no extra cost to the client and was just a matter of laying it a different way, but when it was complete, it was the right choice made by the client and the effect speaks for itself in the photos we took. This parquet flooring came in an unfinished state which was the right option for this project as the client had a lot of remedial works going on and allowed everything to be finished after all herringbone flooring was fitted. This option allows that there will be no damage done to your parquet flooring, as we would be doing all sanding and polishing at the very end of the project and all construction work to be completed.

Once all the construction works are done, we can then get down to picking out the colour tones and the type of finish the client would desire to finish this stunning herringbone flooring. But this client had a very good eye for colour and knew exactly what tone of parquet flooring she wanted and what type of finish. MM Parquet can supply a full range of tones and finishes, and the tone chosen on this herringbone flooring was the white tint tone, finished with a Bona white floor polish. This finish is at the higher end of finishes, but the finished product outweighs the price, and I would be of the impression that when you are fitting these styles of parquet flooring and herringbone flooring designs, price should not be an issue as they look amazing when completed and are timeless.